Day2Ops “Why NSX Data Center with NSX-PowerOps?”

NSX Power Operations is a platform that provides NSX users a way to document their VMware NSX for vSphere environment in Microsoft Excel and Visio files that are easily consumable and referable. The documentation not only captures the desired state (configuration) but also the Realized State (for example: routing & forwarding tables) across the distributed environment.
The platform also embeds rich health check tools.

Please note the following link for more details and updates to this tool set by original authors on GitHub:

Two years ago this was presented as an optional module in VMworld Hands On Labs called “NSX Troubleshooting & Maintenance (Module 6 of HOL 1903-02)

There are at least 3 steps in order to use this tool set:

  1. Follow complete steps to install the tool set and required supporting applications (This is
    already completed during HOL-1903-NET Lab)
  2. Establish connection from machine where the NSX- PowerOps is installed
  3. Choose to complete one of the following tasks
    • Environment Documentation
    • Document All NSX Components
    • Document ESXi Host(s) Info
    • Network Documentation
    • Document NSX Environment via Visio Diagramming Tool
    • Document Routing Information
    • Document Load Balancing Information
    • Security Documentation
    • Document NSX DFW info to Excel via DFW2Excel (small environments)
    • Document NSX DFW info to Excel via DFW2Excel (large environments)

Step by Step example for this Configuration are identified in my post ” Day2Ops NSX Configuration Review with NSX-PowerOPs”